Giancarlo "Severo" Rodríguez

My name is Giancarlo Alejandro Rodríguez Suárez, born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on September 29 1998. Sorry if that makes you feel old. 

As a child drawing was my passion, a way to imagine other possible worlds and tell stories.  I drew so much while growing up that people actually pay me to do it now. That's crazy.

I have a Technical Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design for Advertising from  ITESA, and later graduated with an AAS from Chavón La Escuela de Diseño in 2018. Then I went on to work for almost three years at Modafoca.

Since 2021 I've been a freelancer doing illustration and Motion Graphics for national and international clients.

I’m interested in cultivating the culture of the place I come from, creating brands that are confident and proud of their own people.

I also make pretty good breakfast tacos.
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